it's been TEN years (10!)


i remember honeymooning in hawaii (oh the bliss!) and talking with kelly about how we would come back for our ten year anniversary. well we blinked, had a few babies, moved across the country, and here we are at ten years.

ten years feels a lot different than i imagined. i don't feel old (yet) and i still have butterflies in my stomach if he looks at me a certain way. i still can't wait until he gets home from work and i would rather be with him than anywhere else. i love my friends, but if it comes down to a girl's night out or a night in with my man, my man ALWAYS wins.

i did, however, think we would be in a much different place than we are now. i think the word "established" comes to mind when i think of being married a decade. like by this time, we should be established in our career or ministry, be chipping away at a mortgage, saving for retirement, oh and planning a return trip to Hawaii ; ). all these expectations based mainly on culture, not on the promises of God.

after this year - probably one of the hardest years, and after all the Lord has done for us in the past, i'm choosing His promises instead of my own expectations. when the Word tells me He will restore to us the years the locust has eaten (Joel 2:25), i will believe Him. anything we feel we may have lost, will be recompensed - whether in this life or the next - because of the sweet sweet mercy of Jesus.  where there is no clear path forward, God creates one, and where there is no natural relief or refreshment, God provides it (Isaiah 43:19). in a culture that puts marriage at odds coupled with marrying really young, (i was 19!) i'd say clearly the Lord has restored to us so much already, and provided a path for us a to walk, hand in hand - all of which we are so undeserving of! i'm really grateful for the gift of this day and the milestone it holds.


a custom concept


first, have i told you i cut my hair? thanks to a groupon haircut, i got an extensive trim (tears) and i'm finally learning how to fix it and i think i can cope. ; ) also, this waterfall was literally right on the side of the highway. thank you, california.

i was so honored to partner with eShakti and have been excited to tell you about them. their concept is unique and incredibly smart. you can order clothes online from them, just like normal - select your size, it appears at your door a few days later. OR. if you want the real deal, you give them your measurements and they make it to fit you like a glove. we're talking custom clothing like hollywood, but at a price point that is accessible. they make the clothes tailored to your unique shape and let me tell you, it makes a huge difference. the quality is incredible as well. this was such special timing because i get to wear this gorgeous dress for our 10 year anniversary dinner date. : )

visit eShakti and get 10% off with code: lowercaselettersstyle (valid until Jan. 11, 2015) PLUS, for a limited time, you can register with them and get a $30 gift coupon!


Christ in you

as Mary gave birth beneath the stars, in a dirty barn, next to farm animals, without a midwife, or even a bed, i can't imagine what she must have felt.  if i had been her, i would feel forgotten and bitter; my heart probably colder than the night's air.  "it was not a silent night... it was a labor of pain, it was a cold sky above..." (-Andrew Peterson,  in his song Labor of Love) it was anything but comfortable.

yet, she was chosen and called blessed of God.

Mary's lesson is simple and profound.  being blessed (obviously!) does not necessarily mean you will have a comfortable life.  it does not mean you'll have nice things.  it does not mean things will go your way.  it does not mean trials will flee from you.  it does not mean you will always be healthy.

being blessed means Christ in you, the hope of Glory. 

now this is the blessing.  far greater than any earthly comfort.  it's the comfort our souls long for, the peace our weary minds desire, the rest for our tired bodies. it's in the uncomfortable that we find the true Comfort.

maybe this christmas season you're looking out a dark window into dreary places, hope seems scant and comfort seems lost. maybe you're like me, having a hard time with millions of uncertainties and unknowns. may glimmers of hope cross our eyes as we find comfort in knowing the Creator blesses us with His presence because of Christ. God himself, in the person of Christ is directly and personally present in the lives of his people. oh the riches of his glory!

To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

-Colossians 1:27 ESV

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