my boy is three, but my baby he will always be.

it really happened.  there's no stopping it.  my firstborn, my baby, my boy turned three yesterday.

this growing up thing is cool for kids but bittersweet for moms.  i know, i'm preaching to part of the choir, but still.  how can you stand the years passing like a bullet train?  i sure wonder. i tell myself to soak up every dripping second of the days going by.  i do forget, it's true.  mostly though, i choose to play with trains and dolls and puzzles. the dishes can wait. the laundry can wrinkle.  the carpet can be crunchy with crumbs.  the love lingers and will always be remembered; it's what counts. also, with potty training, i have almost no time for that stuff anyway. although i'm not changing his diaper any longer, taking him potty takes way longer.  no one mentioned that.

potty training update: since you're dying to know, i'll dish it.  he's done really well.  i have decided that taking a child to use a public restroom is something i would rather avoid at most costs. especially when sister girl is wandering around the stall with us.  would it be wrong if i stood him on top of the toilets and told him to aim?  because i love target, but man, their bathrooms. G-ross. 

to celebrate yesterday, i put up a $3, store bought, happy birthday Thomas the Train banner because it is his favorite and we had pizza (another favorite) and egg free brownies (find recipe here. note: the pioneer woman has soared to even greater levels in my book.  she has an egg free brownie recipe, and it's not because there's a substitute - it's actually a recipe that doesn't need eggs. she had Hunter in mind and my allergy boy got to try a brownie. thank you Ree.) after dinner, he stayed up an hour past bedtime doing summersaults and rowdy things because even three year old's know how to party. especially three year old boys.

oh, and even though my blog has led you to believe that my diet consists of mainly sweets and detox smoothies (to undo the damage of the sweets) here's a tiny bit of proof that that is only partly true. this recipe is my new favorite: crockpot cilantro lime chicken. mostly because it is easy, but also because it's tasty and tender; reaffirming my devotion to the slow-cooker.

cilantro lime chicken from Pip & Ebby 
plop all these ingredients in a slow-cooker:
one 24 ounce jar of medium or mild salsa
juice from one lime
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
one package of taco seasoning
add 4-6 boneless skinless chicken breast halves and coat with the salsa mixture.
cover and cook on low for 6 hours.
the chicken is great for tacos or a taco salad.

that wraps it up. in sum, my boy turned three, i eat sweets (but not in february), and also some chicken.

ps. although i'm scared to say it, because i'm scared of not following through, i am not allowing myself to eat any desserts/sweets for the month of february.  why i chose the month of chocolate? well, i didn't think that through at first.  for now, it's already a done deal (i hope).

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  1. Happy Birthday Hunter! And egg free brownies? Might just have to have a looksie for my egg free friends.

  2. oh, sweet baby boy....i know that bittersweet feeling. my oldest is going to turn TEN at the end of february and i'm choked up already. what the heck??
    BUT your chicken looks divine. i love simple yummy recipes. thanks, sista :)

  3. Aww, Happy Birthday to your little man! He's getting so big! Love the cowboy boots + hat. :)

  4. Happy birthday to your baby! (don't worry, 3 is still a baby...) I totally know what you mean, time flies and it makes me sad because I adore my babies and part of me wishes I could keep them this small forever...and part of me longs to go to places like Target by myself and not have to put them in carts, and sit them on the potty, etc. But every older and wiser person tells me to love every single day because they will be gone before I know it. That recipe looks yummy.

  5. happy birthday to your sweet little guy! he is so cute!
    three of my kiddos have birthdays this month, too!
    ahhhhh! my oldest will be 13!!!
    can you hear me screaming??
    thanks for the recipe...i heart my crockpot...aLOT! :)
    happy day!

  6. Happy 3rd birthday! Its a fun one:) And...I actually was thinking about you and your boy and how the potty training was going....as I wiped up the third accident yesterday, glad that it is going well!

  7. He is so sweet! Great pictures. Sounds like it was a wonderful day. I just love reading your blog, it is so refreshing and it is a reminder to me to keep my priorities in line. Thanks for the brownie recipe and Happy Birthday Hunter!

  8. aww i know the feeling...our boys are growing up! and yes...even my 15 and 13 yr old boys are still my babies too...even if they are way taller than me

    as for the ree brownies...i made those for wed night...sadly i thought they were a fail...no one liked them but mini me...(deep sigh) maybe i should have tasted urs haha

    (funny how we did bdays and brownies together...we are good friends...grins)

  9. I love each and every picture of that sweet boy. Happy birthday Hunter! I love you for posting about this chicken. I must make it ASAP! Yeah for PW coming through for you and the egg free brownies :) I lifted up a little prayer for you and the sweets.

  10. Aww, happy birthday, Hunter! You are so precious. May God bless each and every one of your years in the future, especially on your birthdays.

    You know were gonna keep you on track with this one - no sweets! ;)


  11. Happy Birthday, Hunter man! Love the pictures, he's such a handsome fellow!
    That chicken sounds delicious!
    Aand oh yeah, I totally stand Q on the toilet and tell him to aim. It NEVER fails that when we go out on a family date (usually to eat dinner in the evening and then to wm/target afterwards) he ALWAYS needs to go to the bathroom. I can't even begin to tell you how many Friday nights I've spent in a public toilet stall.
    One night in particular, he was taking extra long... I sighed and leaned against the door, you could have heard a pin drop... and he said "So, Mama, you havin' a good day?" :P

  12. ahhh sweet...so happy he got to have some brownies:) enjoy your weekend!

  13. Thanks for the crockpot recipe - always glad for more ideas.

    And happy birthday, Hunter! Our Kate turns 3 in April and it's always kind of happy and sad to see our babies growing up. :)

  14. What a sweet precious boy! I totally get your pangs in the heart.
    And I'll be praying for your family while you decide not to eat sweets this month! Hee hee! Good luck girl!!

  15. My heart breaks with each birthday my kids have! It's all too fast...too fast. But I'm glad your Hunter enjoyed his rowdy day :)

    Good luck with the no sweets...that is TOUGH!

  16. Those pics of Hunter in his boots are so freaking cute! And yay for egg free brownies...they look so yummy:)

  17. Happy Birthday to your little boy!!

  18. I have an adorable little 3 year old brother who is also growing too fast... Got to hold onto the daily moments, because the years will surely fly by!

  19. happy 3rd birthday sweet boy!!

  20. cilantro is one of my food groups- I have to try that recipe! I'll pin it for later ;)

    And Happy Birthday to your precious big boy!! I love all your pictures as always :)

  21. Happy Birthday to your little man!! I made something almost identical to that last night (my food allergy keeps me from using commercial salsa & seasoning packets). We added black beans and had it on multigrain tortillas ... yum!

  22. Oh what precious photos! One of my nieces is turning 3 next month, I can't believe how fast they grow!

    Your newest follower,


  23. Happy birthday to that handsome little cutie of yours! He is beyond adorable, and you're one blessed momma :-)
    And your food looks delicious!

  24. Awww! Such a sad face on that one top picture! Happy Birthday to your cute boy!

  25. Happy Birthday to your handsome little boy! He is too cute! Your photos are beautiful...so wish I had that talent. :)


  26. Oh, what sweet pictures. And, my dear, when he is 35 (the age of our son) you will still be asking yourself, where did the years go? But, it's so much fun to share in your children's lives when they become adults and have children of their own. Every stage is fun! Blessings my dear!

  27. Happy bday to your baby. Can't wait to try that recipe!

  28. Hi, I am a new follower!
    Happy birthday to your baby - he's adorable!

  29. My baby is 24. Seriously it seems impossible.. I feel 24 on the inside. Happy Birthday to your little dude. This recipe looks great! Good luck on the no sweets!

  30. happy birthday to your cutie!
    such a tug of war, wanting them to grow and learn AND stay lil bitty!

    yummo chicken. wow.

    love to you, sweet carissa xo

  31. Love all the Hunter pics!! What. A. Doll. I miss him!

  32. Happy Birthday Hunter! Three is wildy fun. And challenging. But it looks like you're doing a great job, so i'm sure it'll be smooth sailing for you ;) Everytime I see you post a recipe, and not a link, I get a little pang in my stomach and think that you're secretly posting that for me :) Cause apparently I forget to look for links. Happy weekend!

  33. Time does fly with those little ones. This is why we must savor every moment...I'm tryin' that chicken...looks good!

  34. Happy (belated) Birthday to Hunter! This is such a sweet post, and those brownies look delish! Love all of your photos of him!!

  35. what a darling darling boy! what a blessing to witness these growing up years through the eyes of motherhood!

    in Christ,

    stop by and say hello sometime at:

  36. what a beautiful family you have!! I just found your blog and am now following you!
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  38. Happy Birthday, Hunter!! What a sweet little guy!
    Love your pictures...the ones of the 2 of you are beautiful! Him wearing your shoes?- Adorable!!!

    Have you ever tried the black bean brownies?- He might not like them as much, but you may if you are looking for a healthy alternative to a sweet!

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  40. he is so adorable. Happy birthday to your baby boy!!

  41. he is so cute. they grow so fast,huh? i am a new follower. check out my blog and if you like follow back.
    happy birthday to your baby boy!

  42. I have crunchy crumb carpet too... glad to hear I'm not the only one! :)

  43. I have crunchy crumb carpet too... glad to hear I'm not the only one! :)

  44. Happy birthday to your little cowboy!

  45. My son is 16 and he's still my baby to me! Last Saturday he attended his first prom with a date!!!!
    The toilets here in Philippine malls have urinals for our little boys so I didn't have much of a problem.
    :^) Patsy from

  46. happy birthday hunter!

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  49. Your children are beautiful! New follower :)


  50. You have the cutest little cowboy there:-) Happy Birthday to your little man!!!!!


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