blurry grainy goodness

i'm stepping out of myself for a day, to embrace fuzzy and blurry and grainy but fun phone photos. cause sometimes it's just easy.

life rearranged

hey hunter: my chemistry professor from college called and wants his mustache back, thankyouverymuch.

oh to be a blueberry: healthy, fun, and firm?? i'm game even if it means i'll be blue.

instagram rule #1: when taking self portraits and choosing a photo finish, don't choose one that gives you dark circles. just a thought. yes that is a tank top. yes it was february. charleston is notorious for that kinda thing.

the shape of my heart. 

she used to be the queen of the slide. now she just perches herself on top saying "i won't wike it mom."

two kids on a tire swing: cue the adorable awws.

the makings of my favorite smoothie variety: frozen blueberries and strawberries + rolled oats + flaxseed + banana + spinach + cute stripey straws = a party in your mouth.

the only time he went down feet first. 

she is so "helpful"...

...and studious...

...and has the makings of being a fabulous future mother. put the baby in a potty while drinking a bottle? why didn't i think of this?

still delighting in the light hair of my baby girl. it's not something this dark haired mama expected. 

 getting gutsy.

mama getting gutsy... letting Hunter use REAL (sharp, scary) scissors for the first time. i think i will regret this very soon.

finished this a few weeks ago. Ree is my kind of girl. easy going, hilarious, and country.

cause she's pretty...

...and sometimes a thug.

once in a while i train them well.

another tank top day. first run of 2012 without any sleeves. dreamy much? ((please ignore the hairs glued to my forehead with sweat))

all of these are tiny little joys from our week!

friday favorite things | finding joy


  1. Love the grainy little gems you shared! Don't forget to tell about the book stack details at some point! Sage on the dishwasher ...love!

  2. Your children are adorable...like you! I loved the Pioneer Woman's book. I hope you have a good weekend!! See you on Monday for Misc. Monday.

  3. I read the Pioneer Woman's book in about a couple sittings. Bad for sleep but entertaining to say the least:)
    I hope you get some spring weather with your kiddos this weekend!

  4. This post is just full of goodness. Here are some thoughts:
    * Love the mustache
    * I adore blueberries and now I want a bag...and the ability to go to Publix
    * CUTE earrings :)
    * How sweet are those babies :)
    * I need to try smoothies...this one looks yummy
    * I would like to read PW's book...glad you enjoyed it.
    * A thug...I love it!
    * Whoo hoo for tank tops :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. You are always so creative and bring the biggest smile to my face. We have been having tank top weather here in North La. too, but since I don't do tank tops, I'm settling for short sleeves. ~laugh~ Wishing for you a wonderful weekend with your sweet family.

  6. I LOVE the photo of Minnie on the potty drinking a bottle! So cute. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  7. Cracked up over the mustache! They are all toooo cute, girl. Woot woot for tanks in Feb.
    One of these days I'm gonna get myself an iphone! I borrow Hubby's on the weekends, just to play with IG. ;)

  8. Oh I puffy heart love instagram pics:-) And that smoothie sounds like what I have been lunching on all week...minus the cute paper straws. Note to self: must get fun straws:-) I just love all the pics of your kids...just too squeezeable!!!!

  9. Loved all of these pictures especially the thug one, dishwasher and tire swing!

  10. Love this idea! Fun pictures. My favorite (you might have guessed) in the tire swing picture. SOOOOOO cute. <3 <3


  11. Such cute pictures, thanks for sharing! Your kids look like they had a ton of fun!

    Now I am craving blueberries.

    I am so envious of your weather, it snowed here yesterday.. I am ready for Summer - to put it lightly.

  12. Such a sweet little post. It's always the little things that are the biggest blessings aren't they?

  13. Your kids are so adorable!!
    The smoothie you made sounds so yummy!

  14. AWWWWW...how cute! Love every photo of you and the kids. Even laughed at a couple and I guess you know which they could be. I'm wondering though if Sage might be to heavy to stand on the dishwasher door. Aren't you afraid she might break it off? Good thing Great Grandpa can't see it. We here in CA are headed to a 70 degree weekend. Lots of folks headed to the Sierra's for skiing as they got 5 feet of snow this past week.

  15. we could be wearing tank tops here, too! it is supposed to get up to 77 today. i kind of love it.

    and i loved ree's book. love her.

  16. Your kids are too cute! Enjoy your weekend :)

  17. So sweet! Does your hubby take the kids when you sneak out for runs??

  18. I loved the one of your daughter's fluffy friend on the potty with the bottle. Hilarious!
    Looks like you guys had a good week. Hope you have an even better weekend!

  19. Ahhh Instagram is so amazing and when you use it to photograph cute kiddios like yours its even better :)

  20. Cora has started doing the same thing on the slide which is strange cause she used to throw herself down it. Guess she's learning fear...the mustache is too cute.

  21. Oh yes, love these pics because they are indeed FUN! Love the thug baby. Can I just say totally jealous over here of your tank tops! We don't have snow but its still pretty much sweater weather :( Have a glorious weekend Carissa!

  22. i wanted to read her book...so it was good?

    as for tank tops NOOOOOO that just screams it's gonna be a scorcher this summer...and i'm looking for mild (as if)

    love ur thug!

  23. Ca-ute pics lady! Oh and what a rockstar smoothie maker you are! Flaxseed?! Nice.
    And if I could only be a blueberry...Ha!

  24. I love the light on your girl's hair. So wispy. (Stopping by from Life Rearranged. Hello!)

  25. Seriously laughed outloud at the mustache picture and your little girl standing on the dishwasher. so cute :)

  26. Loved every single picture, especially the baby in the potty and "thug." so cute.

  27. i would kill to wear a tank right now. happy weekend to you

  28. What a sweet week! You had me smiling ear to ear! Have a lovely weekend!

  29. Jealous, I want an iPhone for this reason alone!!!

  30. I approve of these pictures! ;)
    Especially the dish washing one, tire swing...thug..oh there was another.....the artichokes (I had to go back) I love artichokes. yum yum

    have a great weekend.

  31. These are wonderful! I love the smoothie recipe!

  32. that is a smoothie i could hang with.
    and artichokes make me all kinds of happy.
    you are so cute! i avoid self portraits as often as possible. also avoiding tank tops at the moment, because it's 4 degrees out.

    enjoy your weekend, cutie pants.
    make it great!

  33. Aww, blurry goodness, I love them all!

    PS. That's my favorite smoothie too... it's a great way to get spinach into our kiddos!

  34. Love your shots! You're so cute, and your kids are cuter! We have one who stands on the dishwasher also :D The blueberry label is HILARIOUS! Firm? lol :D I guess that's a good thing. And that smoothie sounds so delicious! Great phone shots! I loved seeing them!! Visiting from Finding Joy :0)

  35. Wonderful pictures, my friend. I always love reading your words -- you are inspiring to me and motivate me to see the beauty in life. I am grateful for you, truly grateful.

    I need to go find some firm blueberries. :)

    Love ya.


  36. love instagram. love it. looking forward to tank tops in my future too!!

  37. I love your fun little pics! I've come back to look a couple of times. I love the earrings you are wearing in that picture, I love that Sage stands on the dishwasher door- so do mine- they are such good helpers:) I love the cute straws that you won! What are you making with artichokes??

  38. love your commentary of every photo!! so cute and funny!

  39. great pics! what's your username on IG? would love to follow you! i'm @anightowlblog.

    kimberly :)


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