a letter to you:

dear readers,

on this day before Thanksgiving i want to thank you. you have inspired me, wrote to me, lifted me up, and encouraged my family in many meaningful ways. i am not really sure why you read along. i have no strategy. i am trying to live life on purpose (and fail all too often) while sharing about it along the way. i really believe the Gospel is laced throughout it all, big and small, and that's what these words here are. something about finding Truth in the midst of the daily's and the not-so-daily's has always been something in tune with my heart. and so here in this space, i write it out. to remember. to remember what God has done. so that i may never forget His faithfulness to me. 

i hope and pray you are encouraged as well. that being here would be uplifting and point you to the One who is far greater than all the words i type. i don't always get to visit your space and to read your heart, but know that your words are beautiful. don't stop creating. don't stop writing. anything you create reflects the Creator and is worth pursuing. today i am reminded of this small gift in blogging, to connect with others all over, to rejoice together, pray for one another, encourage each other and ultimately bring glory to the King of Glory. 

from our home to yours, we hope you have a meaningful and wonderful time of giving thanks. i am thankful for you.


ps. follow along with me on instagram @carissa_graham (imagine that!). i'd love to find you there, too! 

thanks to amy for these images.

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  1. Cutest family EVER!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Carissa!

  2. adorable family photos, carissa!! have a great holiday!!

  3. Such an encouragement... Thank you for your heart for our Lord! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. wow those photos are fantastic!
    makes me want to grab my gang for a photo....i need you behind the camera!

  5. You guys are an adorable family :)

  6. Beautiful family!! Love your shirt! Where is it from? Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Awe, brings a smile to my heart this morning. Blessings abundant you and your sweet family this Thanksgiving! Love you bunches!

  8. So glad to have found you Carissa, for you have lifted ME up in ways you'll probably never know. So glad you keep sharing your life and heart (and photography gifts) with us!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Beautiful family!
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Aw such a cute family, and what a sweet letter!

  11. well, y'all are beautiful.

    and i adore you, carissa graham! xo

  12. Cuteness! I love the boy/girl shoe matching you guys have going on!

  13. you have the cutest blog and cutest family ever! so happy to have found your site! xo chaseandem.blogspot.com

  14. Lovely family pics! Your baby girl looks so serious. :) Guess it's a stage? :)

    You are appreciated! And I'm thankful you appreciate us and our little ramblings.


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