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1. at some point in my recent history i visited anthropologie for the first time ever. it came to charleston a few months ago and i finally got a taste of it's beauty. but talk about torture. because who has $87 to spend on a Christmas ornament? or a bar of soap?

2. i made buckeye bark and after one bite, was convinced i'd fall hard and fast into a sugar coma for the rest of my existence. i honestly cannot, in good conscience, tell you to make it because i'd be hunted down by the diabetes association of america. you're welcome. what's your favorite holiday treat? you get bonus points for linking to a recipe.

3. the redeeming thing about training for a half-marathon in the midst of Christmas busy-ness is that you do feel less guilty about making buckeye bark. also? running this bridge with this babe is my favorite. also again? loving Ne-Yo on my playlist. don't judge.

4. what have i been up to? processing photos, taking photos and processing some more. exhibit A-Z:

mushrooms are rad bride jewelry props. the end.

5. this is my prayer, especially in the midst of holiday crazy:

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  1. Seriously, your photography is amazing. The effects I see in a few of the photos really fascinates me! Is it baroque? I love the one with the parents in the background and the kiddos in sharp focus. Also, the laves in the air and baby sitting with blurry background. Love these effects. Anyway...have a wonderful week!

  2. I don't see anything but your photography business getting bigger and bigger. My goodness, your pics are just amazing! You will be hiring associates in the near future! :o)

    Oh, I remember crossing that bridge while we were visiting your area last Spring. Can't imagine running across it.

    Christmas blessings my dear and keep a watchful eye out on your mailbox!

  3. Beautiful photos my dear!! I wish you could have seen the scene in my back yard as we attempted to take our Christmas picture- lots of running back and forth!
    And girl, you listen to what you need to to get across that bridge! A marathon- wow!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. mushrooms ARE the best photo prop!! who knew?! i gotta go with you on the anthro thing. i love it too...but really?? the prices are ridiculous.

  5. - What beautiful family photos!!!
    - Love the mushroom/pearl combination - perfect
    - Anthropologie Angst - we should start a support group for the after shopping

  6. Your pictures are beautiful! :)

  7. You have been on busy girl!!! I agree the prices of that store is ridiculous...lovely though.

  8. i love that you took a photo of you and your little at a store mirror! i am FINALLY no longer the only one! :) agree with anthropologie, i think i went in once or twice my whole life and its just ridiculous $$$. haven't done a half mar in over a year and really contemplating committing to one soon. great family photos!!! and also, i agree on that last one- my prayer: to be kept where the light is. continually.

  9. Busy lady! If you have a sec, will you email me your address? I cant find it! amyeslavik@yahoo.com Happy Monday!

  10. What amazing photos! Thanks for the great post & for hosting & God bless!

  11. I've never been to Anthro...I have a hunch that when I do make it there, it shall be more about the experience than the purchases. ;)

    Your talent wows me. Your photos are amazing, lady. Love that mushroom!

  12. Family pics with spanish moss. Bucket list!

  13. I love the Dad's face w/the baby in the air. Too cute!

    You still need to tell me how you found the picture of yours used by someone w/out your permission.. how'd you find out? I'm always curious! And did they take it down??
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  14. I still haven't been to Anthropologie...perhaps I shouldn't. O_o
    Beautiful, beautiful photos. <3 Especially the last. Absolute truth.

  15. I have only seen stuff that people "Pin" from Anthropologie :) Good luck on your half Marathon. I want to run a 10K in Feb. but have been really lazy lately, I need to get my butt ready for that.

  16. I like them all and they are so varied. The bridge is so crisp and clear, the sunset is an abstract work of art and the portraits say so much.

  17. I am so excited that you visited Anthro... since I just went myself, I feel like we're in our own special club.

    I haven't made that bark but I do make tiger butter which is white choc and peanut butter swirled with chocolate... My heavens.

    Also your photos are adorable and I still wish you could shoot my family photos someday.

  18. You are an AWESOME photographer! Some how, I don't think I've ever told you that before...Anyway, loved the pictures today. Keep it up!

  19. That is one of my very favorite treats. Noticed some love handles today. About died. I NEED to ran marathon. I haven't run inso long. I blame my new shoes:(

  20. all of your pics are just so beautiful, carissa!
    why can't you live closer?

  21. those family shots. oh my heart.
    i mean, that little doll in the nutcracker sweater?!?!

    you are beautiful. and don't tell anyone, but sexy love is one of my fave songs of all time. love me some ne yo.


  22. LOVE that pic of the girls in the leaves.

    Which marathon are you training for?
    You're a beast, training while pushing a jogging stroller!

  23. Beautiful pictures, Carissa!
    And that quote about the light?! Yes, and yes.
    I'm excited that you're going to run a marathon. I've been considering it. I was supposed to start training for it yesterday. I ate an entire bag of mint M&Ms (so who am I judge what music you listen to...nope, not gonna happen ;) ). I'm pretty sure that did not equal a first training day. :P
    And on Anthropologie-I went in there with some friends in the spring and discovered some door knobs (the very little ones, like for closet doors) for super cheap in fun colors and got some for my daughter's closets. :) It was a fun moment. Because yes, who has $87 for soap? (That made me laugh out loud.)

  24. Girl, you are so talented. These photos are absolutely beautiful. It's been an amazing journey watching you blossom and embrace your God-given talent.
    So proud of you.
    Love you.

  25. I love what you said about Antho, I have went and looked at all of the pretties they have a few times! but geese talk about pricey! On another note your photography is amazing, I need to load my kiddos and husband up and head south for a family shoot!

  26. What amazing family photos you take! They really are wonderful.

    Have a great weekend!


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