totally terrific things for thursday. or any day.

it would be a crime not to share these things with you. and please ignore my claw hands, i think something about phone photos makes them seem longer... or that's my story and i'm sticking to it. this isn't wheel of fortune and i'm no vanna; be warned.

look at my new camera necklace with a hint of mint that showed up in my mailbox. it's as amazing as imagined. thank you sweet hannah girl for such a treat. your happy days creations are phenom.

these are a super healthy and a perfect snack to cure a sweet tooth craving. although, with the amount i'm eating, it's probably not a cure. but still. they're rich in Vitamin E and now so am i. 

 someone on instagram told me to use this as a facemask and i believed them. evidently it helps with antibiotic properties, enzymes, exfoliates, and restores balance. i hope it's true. plus it's $5.99 at Trader Joe's and should last months upon months. i'm all about saving money and if it means going natural, i am in.

 someone on instagram told me to use this as astringent and i believed them. it's $2.99 at Trader Joe's, and way cheaper than Neutrogena.

everyone in the world has told me about the amazing benefits of coconut oil and i believed them, mainly dr. oz. it's like, hey put it on your hair to nourish, put it on your skin to moisturize, or put it in your popcorn for flavor. i'm all over multi-purpose. Trader Joe's $5.99. at first, it's scary to think of eating your face wash or lotion. but you get over it fast... because hello! this stuff is much cheaper than beauty products plus you can buy them at the same place as you buy groceries. saving you time, AND money. oh and no chemicals either!

Trader Joe's $2.99. add it to sauted veggies and rice for chinese done right - the healthy way. plus you can even use it to whiten your teeth. (ok, so i made that part up. hope you're paying good attention.) 

(Trader Joe's ought to be paying me by now)

pomegranate seeds. i want to eat them while i sleep. Trader Joe's or any grocery store will have them in the produce section.

 if you visit your local Target, you might be lucky enough to find these on clearance for $11. but hopefully, though, you're luckier than me and don't have friends that make fun of you for liking them and a husband that asked "what in hades are those??" and in essence forced you not to buy them. (such a shame)

i wrote here about how i organize. and that is all still mostly true. except now, for my own survival i have to take my calendar organization to a new level. i have meetings, weddings, sessions, coupled with laundry days and meal plans. it all makes my head spin. in an effort to not get too dizzy, i have to write every last bit of life in this. from Target (duh!) on sale this week for $8something. 

now you tell me something terrific. 


  1. You are really making me want to visit a Trader Joe's. Real soon! The necklace is beautiful!!! And, the pomegranate seeds are making me hungry! One thing I forgot to share on my daughter's hair post is about the Knot Genie. I got it for $10 on Zulily, and it works wonders in my daughter's hair! You may like it for Sage's!

  2. Something terrific? getting snow tomorrow - how is that? I love your new blog design and that camera necklace is perfect for you!

  3. You can also use apple cider vinegar as a conditioner (just dilute it with water). I use baking soda + water as shampoo (it's a base, so it apparently destroys the organic dirt, and the process is stopped when you apply the vinegar mixture, because it's an acid). It's pretty nifty and my hair isn't oily anymore.

  4. i jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon too! love it. not sure if i'm with you on those shoes, but all the other stuff?? oh yes!!

  5. why oh why didn't you but.the.shoes?!? :)
    i am pretty much jealous because you live by a TJ's!
    i want to get there SO bad...it saves me so much money!
    now i am craving that stir fry sauce...YUM!
    also, you are beautiful, and that necklace is SO cute!
    ACV: check!
    cocnut oil: check!
    honey: check!
    praying that this all helps my sad skin.

  6. well, first how about something not terrific. we don't have trader joe's. horror!

    terrific things.
    1. your organization
    2. the made to crave devotional i'm doing on the you version app
    3. instagram. i mean, for real
    4. starbucks blonde roast coffee
    5. elijah bursting into song before school every morning. christmas carol medleys mostly
    6. our weather JKJKJKJKJK

    i love you! xoxo

  7. I'm intrigued my dear. :) Wish I had a Trader Joes in my neck of the woods, but I'm sure I can find some of those goodies. :)
    Love your sweet necklace!

  8. I let my son have pomegranate a few years ago...a few days later I looked up at the ceiling, and there was red spatter all over the place. Apparently, "they're very fun to squeeze and they squirt really high!"

  9. I'm all about the natural home beauty products these days! I used an oatmeal and baking soda scrub and it was awesome! I'm also drinking a honey and cinnamon "tea" for weight loss and a whole slew of other health benefits :) I'll have to try the vinegar astringent, haven't heard of that one.

  10. I got an orange chevron scarf at Wal-Mart for $5. Made my day. :)

  11. Coconut oil. This is our girl's everyday skin therapy. We bathe her up and lather it on. As soon as I crack open the top she dips in both hands and heads straight for her mouth. Yummy and moisturizing. :)

  12. Love pomegrante seeds! Thought I was the only one! haha

  13. love everything from tjs!! especially the coconut oil, it is great for dry hair, moisturizes like no product in the beauty supply store!

  14. when you got down to the general tso's sauce, i thought you were also going to say 'and i believed them.' i loved that.
    i started to use coconut oil for my hair, but didn't know i could use it for moisturizer. the thought crossed my mind but was afraid it would make my skin too greasy. but i believe you, so i'm gonna try that today!

  15. That jar of honey will last you months and months?? That would last me a couple weeks! haha

    And w/the ACV see if you can find 'with the mother' apple cider vinegar. Its the way to go as it has all the nutritional values you need. Its good stuff!!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  16. 75 here today! That's terrific!
    And, I don't know if this is terrific, maybe for you, but my Target had those sneaks on clearance..but in purple and pink. Again, not terrific for me, but maybe you disagree?

  17. Love the necklace and I'm all over the coconut oil as a hair mask - its wonderful for thick, frizzy hair like mine!

    Hope your family is healthy and well this week!

  18. that camera necklace is awesome. i saw the coconut almonds at the grocery store last night but thought it might not be good...might have to rethink that purchase.

  19. Those shoes...I'm turning my head sideways trying to figure out what they are! Heels? Boots? flats? What is going on there?!

  20. What a fun and happy post! I can't imagine beauty products so inexpensive. Way to go and they're probably as good as they get. Love it!

  21. Wish we had a trader Joe's!! Thanks for all the beauty tips :)

  22. Thank you for all the Trader Joes tips. I did not know! I need to try the honey and vinegar. -

  23. I am in love with that teeny camera necklace, so cute! I can't wait until we get a new Trader Joe's by us here in Colorado, there is one being built, hooray!
    Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

  24. I love that you're a walking ad for Trader Joe's. :-) I'm going to have to try some of those tips!

  25. great post! i just got the same raw honey and day planner... love them!

  26. We don't have Trader Joe's here in the Philippines, but we have s lot of coconut oil. I don't think I could put it on my hair and skin, but i gargle it cause it supposedly kills bacteria. Now where did I hear that (and I believed them?)Patsy from

  27. Hmm, something terrific? I really like those sneaker wedges. ;D
    Also, I'm editing my book now. #scariness Prayers would really be appreciated. :)


  28. Carissa,
    I am with you on the coconut oil.

    My favorite snack at the moment is coconut oil (as buuter) on home made organic toast with sugar fee raspberry jam.

    Coconut and rasperries. Delicious!!



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