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1. these two. my big mission field living right under my own roof. i love teaching them that we can love because God first loved us. and what a miraculous gift it is.

2. salads are my other love language. spring mix + spinach + shredded carrots + mushrooms + beets (just call me Mrs. Dwight Schrute) + almonds + cranberries, all topped with a honey dressing. i could live off of this. and just might try to.

3. the shadow proves the sunshine.

4. i often buy into the brand of American Christianity that causes me to worry about my safety, my comfort, and me me me. this weekend we had our annual heart-changing Global Impact Conference at church. i'm grateful to be reminded that we are not here to be settled, but here to be sent. i so quickly forget to share the Good News with others, you know, the News that changed me and saved me, yet, because of fear or losing relationships i don't speak it. how beautiful are the feet of those who share the Gospel... may this be true in my life, because lately my feet are looking a little ugly. HIS conquest keeps us free - His conquering of sin and death on the cross, and rising again three days later means that i can have new life and be forgiven of my constant sinfulness. and if i'm really changed, how can i keep this to myself?? again, we are not here to be settled, but here to be sent... i'm preaching this to myself constantly... if you're a believer, i hope you find it compelling as well.

5. i have been saying for months (maybe years?) that i want to make my own bread. if this can be done in an hour and tastes amazing, AND is called multi-grain miracle bread, what the heck am i waiting for?? recipe here.

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  1. I've been wanting to try my hand at bread for awhile as well! You might have just convinced me!

    We're slated to speak at a bunch of Global Impact Conferences next fall when we are in the States and I am just so excited- they are so life changing and challenging!

  2. you're photos are always so beautiful. and I could live off of salads too! one of my faves is like #2 minus the beets. The honey mustard and cranberries make is taste like candy! I think you witness often through your blog, I always enjoy your posts and take your reminders with me.

  3. do you know switchfoot? that's one of my favorite lyrics...the shadow proves the sunshine. happy new week girlie. love ya.

  4. They are so big!!! And cute too!! Your salad looks amazing, I'm impressed but the beets ha! Sometimes I get frustrated because it is so easy for Paleo to come up in my conversations with strangers and for me to share about that but talking to them about Jesus isn't as easy :( Tell me how that bread turns out!!!

  5. Amen! Glad you had the opportunity to participate in such a conference, what a blessing to be reminded of something that we are all in need of. And...love love LOVE the first picture of your two littles, have a good week!

  6. "here to be sent" that is good and oh so true. We have to remember that when we are just our true selves we don't have to preach to people, Jesus shines through us and our life of faith is a testimony to others. Love the pics and the bread Oh My....

  7. Okay, I'm thinking if you submit the photo of Sage and Hunter to a magazine that you and Kelly can retire. Can they be any cuter? Just adorable!

    And, that sunset gave me chills.

    And, I use to bake bread in a machine all the time. Moved past that fad and haven't made any since. I'll have to check out this recipe and perhaps give it a try.

    Wishing you a happy week dearie!

  8. Yes and Amen. Here to be sent - made me think of Jesus' words - Those who lose their life for My sake will find it. The gospel turns everything upside down.

    And yes, I have been into bread baking as well!

  9. hope you have a great week, carissa!
    that first picture just melts me! :)
    and that quote...THAT quote! gotta put it on a chalkboard!

  10. @Chronicles of a Mommy,

    i think both are necessary - talking the talk and walking the walk. one without the other is ineffective. we see Jesus doing both throughout the Gospels. i don't believe someone can come to a saving faith (understanding their sin and need for a savior / knowing Jesus died on the cross to remove the punishment we deserved and rising again to new life / just as we were once dead to sin but can have new life in Christ / etc) just because i love them or live a good life.

  11. our little corner in this bloggy world is always such a source of encouragement. That you for sharing your heart- I needed that today.

    And now I'm craving a salad and that NEVER happens!

    Your babies are precious, beautifully precious!

    Have a wonderful day Carissa!

  12. Thank you for hosting - have a beautiful week!

  13. Oh what a sweet mission field. Speaking of which I was planning on emailing you about what you said about your baby girl a while back... I experienced a bit of that with Ava... I wanted to encourage you to keep going, hanging on, and not feel back for gently pushing her bit by bit out of her comfort zone though it's going to make you crazy. Mostly I wanted to tell you that I understand the emotions you are probably experiencing and that I'm totally here for you. I've processed all of them between JJ's issues and Ava's clinging. (Not sure that's the technical term. LOL) I just kept forgetting to email you but I was thinking about it HERE and now, so I wanted to tell you that. Love you girl... you are doing great with that Mission field!!

  14. Love that you consider your children your mission field! I wish so many more parents could see this reality! :)

  15. You capture everything precious and beautiful in your two adorable little ones, Carissa. What a gift!

  16. So sorry my link didn't show up for a while so i submitted another one. Now there's 2! i'm a geek. Anyways thanks for hosting. Looks like you had a beautiful week.

  17. salads are MY love language too!!! the more stuff you pile on 'em, the better! well, except maybe beets. my mom love beets. i did not get that gene :) going out to dinner tonight where i can get a salad with goat cheese AND pistachios. mmmmm....

    have a terrific monday!


  18. love the first picture and congrats on making bread....thanks for being a host of this meme. cheers.

  19. I'm a fellow beet lover too! I can eat them all by myself and my girls like to call me Dwight too. And oh my goodness...that first pic is gorgeous.

  20. Thanks for the great post & for hosting, & God bless!

  21. I love the sunset photo. There's just something about sunsets/sunrises that always remind me of God's love for us!

    Thanks for hosting! I'm a huge fan of your blog and happily following along!

    I blog over at www.theactivemum.com

    Hope you have a lovely week!

  22. I'm a salad girl too, but I've never been sold on beats. I do love the color that they add and am almost tempted to eat them just because the look so pretty! Love the top photo of your littles. Happy Monday to you!

  23. i tried making my own bread...but it cost me more to make it for my family and a lot of time to keep everyone in bread haha

    and it was only fresh for 1 day..i can't bake that much....i do make my own roll/dough/foccica/and other fun things...i just found a recipe for french bread loaves....as soon as hubs and i can sample some...(we are off of breads/pasta/sugars..only veggies and protein...i will have to make to sample...we are suckers for breads in this house

  24. That first picture of them is absolutely adorable!

  25. LOVE the top pic, of the kids!!!

    I will definitely check out this bread recipe. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you week is BLESSED!

    Laurel :)

  26. Oh that is a good statement. I've been struggling w/the music on the radio lately.. The Christian stations playing songs that are trying SO HARD to sound secular to what?, fit in??

    I've been listening to secular because I KNOW what I'm getting w/them, yet hearing rap and pop and these trendy songs coming through Christian stations is an incredible disappointment to me.

  27. I just did an Instagram post a couple of days ago, so I linked up with you!
    love it..I'll try to remember to do this on Mondays! great idea!

  28. Very inspirational post! It is very difficult to share the Gospel, I think, with those you are closest to...friends and family. Not because you don't want them to know Christ, of course you do - but because as you said, you are afraid. Afraid of offending them so they will never return to you. Afraid of scaring them off. Whatever. It's tough!

    I loved the Mrs. Dwight Schrute comment btw!! hahaha My husband and I have greatly enjoyed The Office! I think you are much, much nicer than Dwight could ever deserve though. Just sayin'! LOL


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