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1. i shot a wedding over the weekend and brought my husband along as my assistant. he said it was the most terrifying thing. just like that, he was hired and fired all in one day. : ) and we still love each other.

the story of God's redemption was splattered all over this celebration, and i love how God knits families together, in His own time.
Carissa G. Photography 2-2
Carissa G. Photography -1125
the beautiful new family!!
Carissa G. Photography -0768

2. phone photos! follow me on instagram @carissa_graham.  impromptu date night after the wedding. the best dates? barnes and noble book reading for free (besides the coffee). also? joy the baker cookbook. dangerous. and gorgeous all at once.

3. if you don't know about this, you should. The Home Depot has FREE workshops for kids each month. look online to find one near you. hunter has made a valentine box, a race car and next month it will be a birdhouse. it is such a highlight for him, it's free, and means special guy time with daddy. and did i mention it's free?

4. all of a sudden little missy uses the word awkward. like a lot. and it couldn't be more fitting:

5. i'm starting this soon (thanks JOY!) and after so many raving reviews, i'm giddy. francine rivers takes biblical history and weaves it throughout this series of novels. since there are three books i don't have to be depressed when i finish one. do you get like that? 

6. thanks to pinterest, i have now discovered a suitable (and cheap) way to clean my produce. soak (for up to an hour) fruits and veggies in a 1:4 vinegar to water ratio (vinegar is a miracle in a bottle) to help remove toxins and pesticides. plus it helps make it last longer! 

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  1. OH my goodness I LOVE the Mark of the Lion series-- it's my top five favorite books ever ever ever. We seriously considered naming our daughter after the main character.

  2. Seriously I have that book on my shelf- it was recommended to me for my daughter (even though adult content) because of her bend toward romantic young adult reading which is a bit edgy (from her Christian English teacher no less) - but I want to read it! She started it and decided it was a bit much...so it's on my reading list!

  3. It is my very favorite book, series actually. You will love it!

  4. you're gonna love that book. love it!!
    i linked up today! just happened to be random today as well. have a great monday, my friend :)

  5. Oh, would love to know the story of the precious couple and how they came to be. Love stories like that and what gorgeous pictures you have provided for them.

    Francine Rivers is my all time favorite for sure and I haven't read this, so will add that to my list for sure.

    Happy week sweet girl!

  6. I love Francine Rivers and have not heard of this book!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Just stumbled on your blog. Can't wait to link up soon!

  7. your photos are all so beautiful!
    i hope you have a great week, girlie!
    i should send you some shaklee basic h for your fruits and veggies! it CHEAP and it works AHHMAZING!
    you can use it on pretty much everything...it's totally amazing, safe and it goes a LOOONG way!

  8. Gorgeous wedding shots and we love, love, love the free home depot workshops. Lowe's has them too!

  9. LOVE the Mark of the Lion series- SO GOOD!!

    You are so amazing at what you do! Those wedding pictures are beautiful!

    Hooray for cheap dates! It doesn't take a lot of money to just reconnect with our loved ones!

    Hope you have a fabulous start to your week!

  10. The wedding & family shots - so precious. I've been suckered into doing two weddings - I will hold my ground next time - they ARE TERRIFYING! LOL I can't wait to get a hold of a Francine Rivers book. I have never read them but really want to. It will be my reward for finishing the other two I have started - Love Does & The Circle Maker. Both are excellent! :)

  11. yes vinegar is the wonder liquid...too bad it smells like feet or i'd wear it bhahahaha

    as for lil sage...presh! love the big girl room!

  12. GOrgeous photos. Ava says awkward and creepy all the time. Makes me laugh.

    Love all things by Francine Rivers- loved that series...

    I am so excited about the vinegar thing because my mother was just lecturing me about letting my kids wipe unwashed apples on their shirts... oops. mom fail. So far no one has died of unwashed fruit... but yeah I guess that HAS happened so maybe I need to get on that.

  13. I am texting my husband asap about the Home Depot workshops, sounds like fun. Have you actually tried the vinegar thing yet?! Just wondering if it really makes the product last longer :)

  14. You really take amazing photos, I love the first one! No way have to try this Vinegar trick!

    XO Chelsea

  15. Love that book series--but it is a bit depressing, fair warning :) Better than Hunger Games, though!

  16. Thanks for the Home Depot tip, we're totally gonna do that when my daughter's old enough! (Uh, do you know how old they have to be?) Also wanted to tell you that in case you don't like the vinegar smell on your veggies, you can do a lemon-juice and water combo instead; it works too.

    Also, thanks for hosting the linkup. Also, I think your blog is cool.

  17. LOVE that shot!! You are super talented. :)

    Found you thru Lindsey at Thrift & Shout.

    Glad to be along for your journey!

  18. Love B&N could spend all day. I'm with your honey. I would be terrified. You amaze me. My big chick is going to love you. Her passion is photography. It makes her beam. You will inspire her I know it.

  19. As always, your rocked that camera, girlie!

    The fruit/veggie wash!! I needed that tip!

    Redeeming Love is being mailed to me right this second. I'll add Voice in the Wind to the queue.

  20. such great pics…And I always love your insta!
    I absolutely MISS bookstore/coffee dates. Since we moved to the country, it is just too far for us now (and they closed the one bookstore that would be maybe possible--) breaks my heart to see bookstores closing!

  21. I've read so many of Francine River's books.
    but not that one...so thanks!
    I think I've got three new books to read as of this week. :)

    redletterwords had two that I added to my list.

    beautiful photos of the wedding...such sweet moments captured.
    what a gift!~

  22. Bookstore dates (I love Barnes and Noble, too!!) are just the best! Especially with a good coffee or tea in hand. :)

    Thanks for sharing the idea for a good veggie rinse! I struggle with how to rinse my veggies in a non-toxic way. I definitely am NOT wanting all those pesticides lingering on my food!

    I haven't visited in a while, but I've missed your blog! So here I am! Hope you're doing great! I cannot believe how big Sage has grown since I last read your blog! WOW! :)

  23. I am on the 3rd book of the Mark of the Lion series. My husband got me started and I love them! I would also recommend Redeeming Love and Francine's little novels; Bathsheba, Ruth, Mary and another one. They are very encouraging!


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