one year - already and only


in many ways, i cannot believe it was already one year ago today that the kids and i said goodbye to our charleston family (my mom, step-dad, siblings, my in-laws, my bff) to board a plane (kelly was making his way across the country state-by-state with what was left of our belongings) to come back home to where i grew up, to start seminary life and ministry in the Bay Area. in many other ways i can't believe it's only been a year. i know we've changed in this year, in ways we'll probably only realize a while from now. i feel a little more raw, a little more broken, a little bit unraveled, but i can't really put my finger on anything specific. instead of trying to figure out all the lessons of the year like a student of the King, i'm content with being His daughter. instead of asking or begging for why's and explanations like i would from a teacher, it's so much better to trust the Lord as my Father and Shepard (easier said than done). maybe this was the lesson all along, to let go of the lessons. very encouraged on this subject after reading a post about it here (thank you emily!).

the best storyline of this past year though, has been made of miracles. God's grace held onto us each day, our bills were payed, we ate more than just beans and rice, we were clothed, and well taken care of. so many friends gathered around us and supported us with prayers and generosity. we got to be a part of ministry here to see how the Lord is working in such a hard place (it is almost categorized by the North American Mission Board as an unreached people group!). and so, even after a hard year (much of which i have yet to process), i can say wholeheartedly that God is good. He never neglects His people.

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