i'm carissa. a doting wife. an undeserving mother. a pursuer of Christ.

these lowercase letters are all about capturing the in-between moments of life. lowercase letters are reserved for in-betweens, the stuff that fills the sentences, in-between the capitals and the period.  this blog is full of our day to days, embracing the in-between moments while discovering joys anew. and, perhaps most of all, remembering the Gospel of Grace through every little bit and piece.

you can read why i blog here.

you can read about my heart in these entries.

my main squeeze is a worship leader and is attending Seminary full-time.  Hunter (5 yrs. old) and Sage (3 1/2 yrs old) call me mommy.  i enjoy reading, writing, photography, long-distance running, salsa, guac, and chocolate for good measure.  i'm a northern california girl at heart, and recently moved back home. we live in an itty-bitty apartment in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.  read more about our downsize and move here.

when i'm not with my loves, i'm taking pictures or editing them. visit my website here.

we've been through some stuff, we've lost, we've cried, we've struggled, but it's all a part of our story. read more in this entry: all things new.